I’m going to let you in on my top three favorite summer time products! But, on one condition, you must leave one on the shelf for me. These products can be found at a salon that carries “IGK products”, order online, or heck even try amazon! Totally worth the research.


  1. IGK Coconut Oil Gel: This product is perfect for an effortless summer time hairstyle that allows you ride with the windows down. Squeeze about a dime size amount into the palm of your hand and scrunch the product into your hair. Then, let it air dry. Easy and effortless with moisture infused curls!
  2. IGK Hot Girls Hydrating Conditioner: A must have in the summer time a mixture of heat, chlorine, and lake water sucking all the nutrients out of your hair. Hydrate your hair back to life using this conditioner. I swear your life will change, PLUS it smells good! Win, win!
  3. IGK Defrizz and Anti-static Spray: We cllllll know that the frizz is on TEN in the summer time. Our hair is either dried out from lack of moisture or air dried and tossled. Just spray this on and watch all those little annoying fly-aways bite the dust. Say goodbye to frizz and hello smooth and silky!

Make your summer routine a little easier with these three must have moisture infused products!