It was one of those nurse’s station conversations that happened one morning as I sat up at the desk, still fresh off orientation as a new grad nurse.


Nurse A: ‘He didn’t even make a big deal about our anniversary.  I mean, he sent me flowers which was sweet, but he didn’t plan some big date night, and he didn’t take me out to celebrate or anything!’


Nurse B: ‘I don’t even know what people care that much about anniversaries in the first place.  I mean why is it even a thing to celebrate each year your married?  You’re supposed to stay married; you shouldn’t have the mentality that you made it another year, so that’s something to celebrate.’


Sitting there, typing away, I glanced down at the sparkly diamond ring on my left hand that had recently been placed there and thought ‘what the heck is nurse B even talking about?  What a stupid thing to say.’


Ironically and also sadly, nurse B was subsequently both married and divorced within just a few years of that conversation.


That conversation that took place nearly five years ago is one that I still remember and has shaped my outlook on celebrating marriage.


Whether your first anniversary, fiftieth anniversary, or for no reason at all, every day is the perfect occasion to celebrate your marriage.


There is enough in life that is hard and enough heartbreak to fill the oceans.  That’s the very reason why, every chance we get, we need to celebrate.


Don’t wait until your tenth anniversary to really celebrate.  Celebrate your second anniversary to the fullest because that’s the only second anniversary you’ll have.


Don’t try to put a price tag on celebration.


Celebration simply requires you to say yes to it, not that you can fork out a dollar amount.


Celebrate your wins because there will be seasons you feel like all your doing is losing.


Celebrate the goodness of a life where you are known and deeply loved and that you have the chance to know and love deeply another.


Celebrate the hand of providence in your marriage and for its perfect provision over your lives together.


Celebrate the chance that you’ve been given to know a love that will not let you go.

One thing you’ll never regret doing together is stopping to celebrate.


So pop a bottle of champagne, fill your glasses until they nearly bubble over, raise them high and toast to life and love, celebrating that very moment because you’re together.


You have found the one whom your soul loves, and that is reason enough to celebrate like crazy every day until you die.