What is it about a vacation that inspires us to make serious life changes? I’m not sure if it’s getting the opportunity to breathe new air, momentarily escaping the chaos and finding clarity, or what, but it’s therapeutic to get away for a day or two to reset focus.

Earlier this year, I had my own little getaway, and on my flight home, I had one of those escaping the chaos moments and decided that I spend way too much time on social media. Not only that, I started to realize that some of the accounts that I follow spark a feeling of less than inside of me. Now I know some of that is initiated by me comparing other women’s highlight reels to my behind the scenes, but there’s a certain perpetuation of perfection that I realized I needed a break from.

In my personal life, I make every effort to surround myself with authentic and genuine women that push me to be the best version of myself. Why wouldn’t the same standard apply to the women I follow on social media? I’ve learned that the internet and social media connects us to beautiful souls all around the world and gives us the opportunity to learn from people we otherwise never would have met. It’s incredible! But, if Instagram leaves us feeling insecure versus inspired it’s possible we are trying to draw inspiration from the wrong type of people.

I’ve searched high and low and compiled a list of 10 health, wellness, and fitness accounts that will uplift, inspire, and motivate you to be the best version of YOU. Women empowering women. Isn’t that what it’s all about? Yes, please.

  1. Chinae Alexander | Instagram: @chinaealexander

This girl is a straight up bad ass and one of my favorite accounts to follow. She’s as honest as they come and completely gets the whole “some days you drink green juice, some days you drown in queso” concept that is balance. You might not agree with everything she posts, but her outlook on girl power, living your best life on purpose, loving your tribe hard, and pushing your body to more is something we can all get behind.

  1. The Organic Bunny | Instagram: @organicbunny

Amanda is an organic beauty blogger, and my life goal may or may not be to own everything she does. I have discovered some amazing clean beauty swaps and new products to try to continue on my journey to live toxic free. Most Sundays she’ll post a “Swap It Out” product and shows our everyday essentials with healthier alternatives. I feel so much better knowing that I’m taking care of my skin by following her organic beauty tips.

  1. Clara Norfleet | Instagram: @foodfitnessandfaith

Outside of having one of the most beautiful Instagram feeds I ever did see, she’s a Registered Dietitian who promotes eating real meals made with real food. There are no rice cakes to be found – it’s all about eating from the earth and letting your food fuel you. Double bonus: she shares the TOUGHEST workouts on her Instagram Story. They’re great to screenshot and save for when you’re feeling extra brave at the gym.

  1. This Organic Girl | Instagram: @thisorganicgirl

Lisa is another health/wellness expert that shares the best products for your home, skin, meals and more. She has the most amazing Jersey accent and the most adorable little family. What I love most about following her is that she makes living toxic-free feasible. It’s not throwing everything in your kitchen away because its bad for you, it’s about educating yourself on better options for you and your family to live healthier lives.

  1. Balanced Berry | Instagram: @balancedberry

Les is a Seattle-based fitness guru that promotes confidence over comparison. I can always go to her page and instantly feel refreshed. Her meals are drool-worthy, and her body is simply amazing, but not in an “I want to look like her” kind of way. She inspires her followers to chase healthy and be the best version of themselves. I love her common themes of self-care, treating your body as a gift, and women empowerment.

  1. Love Living Whole | Instagram: @lovelivingwhole

Another feed that shows how beautiful eating healthy can be. Stephanie has done multiple rounds of Whole30 and shares how to find balance with food and about living a healthy life. I love when she shares personal tidbits on losing the baby weight and keeps it real when it comes to accountability. Warning: do not creep her page when you’re hangry.

  1. Grace Allen | Instagram: @grace.e.allen

For all my mamas, this account is for you. I have the privilege (and it is just that) of calling Grace friend, and her heart is pure gold. Her honest posts about being a mother, learning to love who you were created to be, and getting back up when you’ve fallen will inspire you deeply. Not to mention, she might be the mama to the cutest baby on the planet.

  1. Amber Dodzweit | Instagram: @amberdodzweit

Okay, so you might be thinking, “I thought we weren’t going to include fitness models?”. Yes, Amber is an 11x fitness cover model, but there’s something about her that will stand out to you. She publicly denounces skinny teas, fat burners, and juice cleanses and promotes body positivity, female power, and properly investing in your health.

  1. Courtney Kahla | Instagram: @courtneykahla

You may recognize her from the interview we did with her earlier this year as the founder of my personal favorite skincare brand, but that is just a portion of what this beautiful brain has to offer the universe. She’s well on her way to being a Doctor of Chiropractic and uses her Instagram and blog to share wellness care, toxic free living, and foods that heal.

  1. Chelsea Roberts | Instagram: @chelsealovesyoga

This lady’s care-free and electric spirit shines through every image she shares on social media. I’m not even sure if the term girl crush does her justice. In the words of this yogi herself: We are resilient AF. We are whole. We are worthy. We are enough. Amen, girl. Amen.

When you weed past the cyber bullying and unattainable lifestyles, you’ll see that there are people just like you that want to spread positivity. Scroll through the accounts that you follow and decide if that person actually motivates you to the gym or makes you hate the body you’ve been given– if the latter, hit unfollow and give these inspiring babes a follow instead.