Sometimes it just simply gets hard. *insert snotty cry * I’m not a cryer but I am – my family’s line of women have been known for their ability to keep it together. Right until the final hour of the final minute of the final second…then maybe if we are kind to ourselves we let out an outburst cry. Somehow keeping ourselves together until we cannot anymore. I’m sure there’s a few of us guilty of this.

I think no matter how many times we are told and taught “life doesn’t automatically become easy when you give your life to God or you get that perfect job, dream house or husband-to-be – the difficulties don’t disappear.”

These seasons of life will sneak up on us, and they don’t stop – we just get better at them. The ones that catch us at lament, the seasons that bring an overwhelming emotion, you know the ones that make us ugly cry.

Females are known for being cryers to an extent. I believe we feel like we can’t cry because it so easily fits the stereotype created by this world of women and our emotions. It may resemble us being weak, and so we are teaching ourselves and our daughters and the people around us, not to cry unless you have to, not to cry in public and even not to cry period.

I cry and quite often find it hard to go through this naturally, to just let it occur. I’m usually trying to sweep it under the rug or just get rid of it, and not let it run its course. But sometimes we all just need a good weep, sob and sniffle.

Soon after my cry, I need to find my source of strength to pull me back, often comes through the action of this statement: “I will abide and be still and know you are God.”

ABIDE: to dwell and reside, run to wherever you can find Him. Whether that’s a corner of your house or inside your car during an errand, at the grocery store, at the gym, run to Him and dwell effortlessly.
STILL: I think in everything within life there is an advantage in being still. Being still allows room for His voice to be clearly heard and worked out in your heart. You clear the clouds within you.
KNOW GOD: Affirm yourself of the God you serve, He doesn’t need the reminder of who He is, we DO!

One: cry. Two: let it all out. Three: abide with Jesus.