Nearly 19 months ago I was engaged and wandering the mall in hopes to find the perfect outfit for my engagement photos. You can ask my mom and best friend, who so kindly attempted to help me in my efforts, how hard it was. Maybe it’s just me, but engagement photos aren’t just any photos. You’ll look back on them forever, reminiscing on your time being engaged, and who you and your fiancé were as a couple. You’ll think about where you were in life, the challenges you faced, and the amazing memories the engagement season brought you. Maybe you’re laughing at this point, because heck, they are just photos. But I know there are some of you that can relate, which is why I’m sharing my top tips when searching for engagement photo outfits.


Think less patterns. Patterns can be extremely distracting, and not always flattering at all angles. While your favorite dress might be leopard print, this may not be the time to debut it. At the end of the day, there is nothing wrong with animal print, but sticking to solids will ensure that a perfectly good picture isn’t ruined by your love for cheetah. If you do want to explore patterns, stick to something on the simple side, and maybe consider layering. This can give your outfit the dimension that you need so that it isn’t the main focal point. Remember, patterns aren’t banned from your closet, it just may not be the best choice for your photos.


Don’t try a new style. When it comes to engagement photos, it’s a time to showcase who you are as a couple. You want people to see your photos and not be confused at who is in the picture. If you’re more on the edgy chic side, this may not be the time to rock a bohemian style. You love 60’s fashion? Your engagement outfit may not be the preppiest Lily Pulitzer dress you can find. Stick to who you are and stay true to your style. Rather than focusing on what your latest Facebook friend wore in her engagement photos, choose what shows off your personality and flatters you at the same time!


Strive for flattering cuts. Everyone’s body and style is different, so don’t be pressured into wearing an outfit that you saw on Pinterest just because it looked amazing on another girl. Stay open minded and try several different styles. I had plenty of outfits that I had my mind set on that ended up being extremely unflattering and all wrong for me. Just remember that’s ok. Your objective is to give the most genuine picture of you and your fiancé. If that means a high waisted skirt and a ruffle top to accentuate a neckline and give you a waist, then go for it!


Don’t overdo the accessories. The last thing you want is to overwhelm your photos with bling. When it comes to accessories, keep it simple. Focus on your outfit first and then add just one accessory to pull it together. You may even opt for no accessories, and that’s ok too. You are the focal point of your pictures, not that cute pair of earrings in your closet.


Be mindful of your location. If your engagement shoot is in a ski town, you may not want to rock your favorite beach dress. You’re probably thinking this is common sense, but it can get tricky when it comes to finding an outfit and a location that you love. If the location is what’s more important, choose that first and then search for outfits. If you have one outfit in mind, location may come second. Being seasonally and geographically dressed appropriately is key when shooting your photos. I took mine in Dallas in October. It was 95 degrees but the middle of fall. I had to find outfits that color wise fit the fall season in Dallas, but also didn’t kill us of heat stroke. Keep these things in mind when searching.


Finally, coordinate with your partner. I think this goes without saying, but for the aesthetics of your photos, it’s important to coordinate your outfit with your fiancé. I will say, it makes it a lot harder to find outfits because not only are you both trying to pick outfits that are flattering and a representation of who you are, but then you also want them to match? I decided to choose a color palate first, and then let Michael do his own outfit searching. It helped relieve some of the pressure and permitted us to search on our own.


Engagement photos don’t have to be stressful! Following these tips will streamline your search and help ease the pain when it comes to shopping. Don’t be scared to look for things already in your closet, too! Not every item has to be new. Decide on your location, season, colors and then go from there. As your search, choose cuts that are flattering and simple, no crazy patterns or accessories. Most importantly, be yourself and stay true to who you are, you’ll be glad you did when you’re looking at your photos years from now.