We live in a world of fast-paced fame.

There are few artists that can maintain popularity in their genre, much less on the charts over a period of time. Finding a clear path and creating a new lane for music is incredibly difficult and takes years of endurance.

Here are a few artists that have managed to formulate a long-lasting imprint on the music world:

  1. Pixies: After their first full-length album in 1988, the Pixies quickly rose to fame and established themselves as a standard for the punk-alternative rock world. Many artists (including Bowie and Nirvana) cite them as a major musical influence. After a hiatus, a reunion tour, and shifting band members, they released a new album (Head Carrier) in September 2016. While the album was received in a lukewarm manner, no one can deny the fact that these legends have an iconic, unique sound that will transcend generations to come.



  1. Regina Spektor: After the astounding 15-year career of this young artist, Regina Spektor has managed to continually forge her unique path as a well-rounded pianist and songwriter. Her ability to create unique sounds and challenge the rulebook on classical piano entices fans from so many different genres. Spektor transcends stereotypes and constantly challenges herself to marry hard-hitting lyrics with beautifully inconsistent tones.



  1. Behold the Brave: While this band hasn’t quite broken into the mainstream, they have been around since 2010. Their first full-length album was chalk-full of pop-punk, emo goodness that, let’s all be honest here, we were all craving in the early 2000’s. After some radio silence, they dropped a new single in 2015 that blew their old sound out of the water. Rocky Mountain Strawberry showed a classic punk defiance that they would not be going down without a fight. Their new sound teases ’90’s grunge with classic rock guitar tones. With this formula, Behold the Brave will see many more years of creating music.



  1. Tom Petty: A legend in his own right, it’s obvious that Petty is far from letting his career settle after many successful years. He has gone full steam ahead with his original band, Mudcrutch. The band’s fresh release in 2016, 2, maintained a classic Petty sound mixed with touches of swampy bayou blues that made the overall tone of the album feel current.



  1. Band of Horses: From the formation of the band in 2004, it was clear that this indie-rock band would be loved for years to come. Everything all the time released in 2006 and quickly spread to be a massive success, particularly in video games, television shows, and advertisements. That set the scene for a growing fan base and an even more successful second album, Cease to Begin. Their popularity is rooted in breezy harmonies, allegorical writing style, and driving guitars. Casual Party, released this past year, was a defining moment in maintaining the lasting impression Band of Horses has been over the past decade.



Creating a vision for a short term is easy, but leaving a legacy is something few artists accomplish in a lifetime.