When my husband and I were planning out how we wanted to spend our first holiday season as a married couple, we decided on eating with his family for Thanksgiving, a continuation of our honeymoon for Christmas, and visiting my family in the new year. Christmas was my favorite of them all because I was constantly flooded with the sweet memories of him asking me to be his wife just the year before. We decided to spend our first married Christmas in the vibrant city of Las Vegas – unconventional for sure, but we had the time of our lives!

The day before we were getting ready to leave, my husband starting getting sick and while we were able to catch it before it turned into a full-blown virus or infection, it still eventually made its way to me. I’m not sure anyone likes getting sick, but I especially hate it because I hadn’t been sick in over three years until I got married. When he catches something, try as I might, I catch a more extreme version of whatever he had.

Sure enough, I caught his Vegas cold, and somehow I took what he had and raised it to what felt like strep. Honestly, that infection messed with the wrong girl because as soon as I felt it coming on, I did these three things and felt better within 24 hours.

  1. Sleep with an onion in my sock.

Take a ¼ inch thick slice of an organic onion and place one on each arch of your foot. Cover with two pairs of socks. My husband wasn’t thrilled about this, but since he was the reason I was in this situation, there wasn’t much he could say.

The bottom of your feet have approximately 7,000 different nerve endings that are linked to different organs within the body. Sleeping with an onion cut up in your sock helps cleanse any toxins that may be infecting your organs. Onions are considered to be air purifiers that kill germs and bacteria. Not to mention the phosphoric acid in the onion enters your blood stream and filters out whatever may be throwing your immune system off balance.

  1. Take vitamins and minerals.

In my non-medical opinion, this is something you should regularly be doing. I take a multi-vitamin, biotin, and fish oil every day and add in a few other concoctions here and there. When I feel like I’m coming down with something, I’ll add in Vitamin C, Selenium, Zinc, and my newest addition: Source Naturals© Wellness Formula. Take six every three hours to fight off whatever is coming on.

  1. Essential Oils.

I constantly get asked if we should love or leave essential oils, and my answer is always to love them. It’s important to avoid buying essential oils from the store because they aren’t pure or therapeutic grade. Chances are that someone you know sells Young Living or Doterra oils and they aren’t just trying to sell you a dream, they really are the best in the business.

Oregano oil is your best line of defense in fighting off a cold as it works to heal respiratory and other infections in the body. But, you must know that it makes apple cider vinegar taste like a candied apple in comparison. However, it works!

Take one drop of oregano oil with one drop of pure olive oil and place it under your tongue for a few minutes, then flush. Repeat several times throughout the day. You can also boil water with a few drops of oregano oil and put your face over the pot to inhale the steam.

Bonus tips, I’m also a big fan of chiropractic care for sinuses, adding one tbsp of apple cider vinegar into my water to naturally detox, being intentional on sweating (i.e. hot bath, sauna, exercise), and fresh juice. If you’re someone who always gets sick or can’t fight off an illness to save your life, these homeopathic practices could be beneficial for you, too. The important thing to remember is that you have to stop sickness in its tracks. You can’t wait until a sore throat turns into strep and expect apple cider vinegar to heal you. Next time you sense a cold coming on, try these out to get back to a healthy and happy you!

Disclaimer: I’m just a girl living in the suburbs with a hippie heart. This is what works for me, and while none of these tips can hurt you, consult with your physician and always do your own research.