A new album, a stacked tour, and an unstoppable drive: why Colony House is on the move to dominate 2017.


Watch out, 2017…Colony House is coming for you.


There are some songs that command your attention, and even fewer albums that can completely engross you. Somehow, the boys of Colony House have managed both with their newest release, Only the Lonely (January 2017).

Before the formation of the band, brothers Caleb and Will Chapman seemed to be destined to find their own spotlight in the music industry. Growing up in Franklin, Tennessee as the sons to famous Christian artist Steven Curtis Chapman, they were engulfed by incredible music influences from a young age.

Caleb and Will formed the first version of the band in high school (around 2009) and officially became Colony House in 2013. After three LP’s, they released their debut album, When I Was Younger, which was incredibly well received on alternative rock charts. They made their television debut on NBC’s Late Night with Seth Meyers after the lead single, Silhouettes, rose in popularity on many different platforms. This paved the way for a growing fan base, new band members (Parke Avery and Scott Mills) and high expectations for another album.

In the cleverest of ways, Colony used their strong social media following to release the title of each track of the new album, leading up to its release on January 13, 2017.

Only the Lonely jumps right in to chanting vocals, accompanied by tantalizing synths and airtight drums. It feels like you have teleported to one of their live shows, right in the middle of a pulsing audience. There’s no slowing down diving in to the next songs, 1234, Lonely, and You & I. The lyrics are never overshadowed by the musicianship; rather they compliment and showcase every word seamlessly and with the upmost integrity.

Even in the slower moments on the album (Where Your Father’s Been, This Road, Follow Me Down, The Beautiful Life) there are bright guitar tones and dreamy melodies. Each song completely stands alone in a spotlight, yet finds it’s way and place in the rhythm of the overall record.

It’s impossible not to be mesmerized by each song in the album. The writing radiates positivity without taking away from the depth of what a human can feel…it’s obvious that there has been an incredible amount of care and attention to detail that has gone in to every syllable of this record. It is absolutely a defining album for the band. Regardless of the success that could come from a long (and well deserved) career, it would be impossible for Colony House to come off as anything else but humble and genuine.

Frankly, there are no other artists out there that can compare to the lane that Colony House has created. Their musicianship and infectious lyrics are simply impossible to ignore. I have no doubt that this album and tour are going to create an unstoppable force in 2017

A quote from an interview that was done after their first album released feels timely for their success today:


To try to be original is a losing battle. We’re happy being who we are and if who we are is similar to something else, that’s great. We’ve been compared to every band under the sun, but while we’re not trying to copy anything, we also know that everything is recycled because we’re all inspired by someone else. The only thing we can be original about is who we are as people. The main thing for us is that we want to have a conversation with our listeners—our music should make them feel, while getting to know Colony House. And, hopefully the music will sound fresh, new, and original.”






See if you can make it on their tour! Here’s a link to their tour dates:






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