We all here people talk about having classic pieces in our wardrobe. Items that never go out of style and you’ll still be wearing for years to come. But what items are a closet must? When it comes to creating a wardrobe, having pieces that hold versatility and popularity in your closet is important. Everyone’s style, size, and age are different, but I’m sharing my top ten pieces that every woman should have in her closet. This way, you’ll always have go-to outfits with just ten pieces in your closet.

  1. Leather Jacket. This item has an edgy look that will carry you through every season. Whether it’s with a skirt and blouse or high waisted skinny jeans and heels, a leather jacket is a staple for any style and outfit. I love dressing up casual looks or even using it to add some coverage to a dressier look, too.
  2. Dark Jeans. You just can’t go wrong. A good pair of dark jeans is something you could have for years. They’re worth investing in, especially a pair that fits you well and makes you feel great! The best part? That perfect pair of jeans is the one item you’ll be able to wear with anything and everything in your closet. From errands to date night, dark jeans are your one stop shop for the easiest outfit.
  3. Nude or Black heels. It doesn’t get any classier than this. Finding a great pointy toe heel in a neutral color will bring an elegant and classy look to virtually any outfit. I absolutely love wearing a pair of skinnies, white blouse and leather jacket with heels to create an edgy girl’s night out look. Pairing them with that favorite little black dress is never a bad idea as well.
  4. Brown or Black Ankle Boots. Buy them. Love them. Wear them with everything. It’s my new motto ever since I discovered this new shoe obsession. Ankle booties make transitioning from summer to fall and winter to spring effortless. I love their versatility and pairing them with everything from dress and tights to skinny jeans and a blouse. These are a must when it comes to a closed toed boot.
  5. White Shirt. Whether it’s a V-neck or button up blouse, having a go-to white shirt will make last minute outfit options a breeze. I literally own five different white V-necks right now because I wear them with everything. Under cardigans, with skirts, even under a blazer paired with heels. If there’s anything you want to have on hand always, it’s a white shirt.
  6. Little Black Dress. That LBD will always be a classic, so don’t be scared to splurge when it comes to finding the perfect one. Be sure to stick with styles that never go out of style. Steering clear of low necklines and backless cuts will guarantee that your LBD will get wear for years to come.
  7. One of my favorite classic styles for any age and style. Blazers don’t have to just be for the office, and many people don’t take advantage of the options that a good blazer guarantees. Pairing it with a skirt and heels makes for a classy dinner outfit, but dressing down with jeans and a tote will give a punch to any casual affair.
  8. Finding one that not only shows off your personality, but also every outfit in your closet will give you flexibility when it comes to a wardrobe crisis. It’s also a great option if you don’t typically spend the big bucks on handbags. A versatile, leather tote is worth the splurge, so that you can leave the trend setting to other pieces in your closet.
  9. A great pair of opaque black leggings won’t only take you to the gym. I have one pair of black leggings that have gotten more use than anything else in my closet. They’re the easiest to throw on for errand running but can also be a comfortable option with booties, white shirt and leather jacket.
  10. Having one good pair of sunglasses is a closet staple. Just like your favorite handbag, it will compliment every outfit in your closet, and if you find a classic style, it will be a piece that won’t ever go out of style. I have sunglasses that have been in my wardrobe for years and thankfully, still get me through the sunniest of days.

Despite your style, size, and age, these top 10 wardrobe pieces can find a home in anyone’s closet. Sticking with cuts and styles that flatter any body type will ensure pieces that will last you years to come. Sticking with neutral colors will make these pieces timeless, giving you endless options when it comes to your wardrobe.