Often the association of leaving a place is negative. What if it’s a great place, but it may just be time to move on. You could also argue…why would you need to leave a good place if it is good after all. It is as simple as this: what God may have planned for you may require you to move on to something else. I, for one, am on a daily tug of war with my plan vs. God’s plan. Sometimes, leaving a good place is saving you from something that could turn into a bad place. Nevertheless, know that leaving what feels like the right place is not absurd and God isn’t confused – He has it aligned the plan to the T.
I am so grateful for the good places I have had the blessing to experience; who would have thought this young British girl would find herself living among palm trees, crisp blue oceans and the best coffee man can find (yes I’m biased, Australia has the best coffee).

It’s inescapable the emotions that surround you when leaving a good place, a place that has so many memories and so much comfort and stability. Two things I can be sure about is that in leaving Joy can be found alongside a heap of Gratefulness and that alone gives me the strength to take the next step.

Joy is with me. As I look back and view my life, how can I not be happy? So much good has happened. And yes, it’s been rough at times, because what would life be without that. However, I am still overwhelmed by the constant whispers of God in my life.

I am grateful because beyond my wildest dreams and expectations, God foresaw and allowed a life He knew would bless me and propel me to the place that I needed to be in right now. The even better part about this is the fact that it does not end here!
All to say, let’s take a moment to look and post view our life before you have a freak out moment about the step you have to take or are contemplating making. Though life may not be a fairytale dream or quite how you expected, there are good things in your life and reasons to be full of joy. Be grateful it is not over and that your story is still being written, you have a God that loves you.

So with a new year, new places and fresh starts, let us commit to being out with the old and in with the new. I hope you can look and admire the presence of God in your life and at the same time, be overwhelmed with gratitude.