You follow your favorite bloggers, love their outfits, and click the links to their wardrobe only to find that everything costs more than what you make in a week. Even though the content they post is unreachable financially, you still continue to follow them, lusting over their $800 over the knee boots and $2,000 bag. Here you are, still liking photos in hopes to find inspiration post after post. It’s hard not to obsess over the items we long for, especially when beautiful women wear them and curated into the perfect outfit. Their effortless style combined with the influence of social media today creates this fashion fantasy that we sometimes find ourselves trying to live. You don’t have to give up following your favorite fashion bloggers, but finding inspiration rather than lust, establishing your own style, and remembering Bloggers are people, too will keep your obsession to a healthy minimum.

Find inspiration rather than lust when following your favorite accounts. Easier said than done, right? Instagram fosters an environment of desire when we see others post who they’re with and what they’re doing. All of a sudden what we have and who we are doesn’t seem good enough, and we leave our news feed upset and unfulfilled. I’m just as guilty as the next person and have attempted to change my lust after other’s lives into inspiration for my own. When it comes to finding that perfect dress or the boots you’ve been searching for, don’t be consumed by the price tag. Rather, take the inspiration for that amazing outfit and create the perfect version for yourself. There’s nothing wrong with following bloggers and loving their content, but when we idolize who they are and fail to attain fulfillment based on who we follow, we lead ourselves into an unhealthy obsession.

Establish your style. The Instagram and the Fashion Blogger world has created an opportunity for anyone in the world to gain insight into their own style. While there may be times that you are inspired to try something new, don’t forget to stay true to yourself. Using that inspiration to expand on a style that is you, will give you the advantage of amazing pieces without the time commitment. Fashion Bloggers spend time searching for the best sales, hottest beauty products, and trendiest outfits because they have the passion. They’ve cut out the time commitment, so that you can reap the benefits of their hard work. Establish confidence in your wardrobe, and build upon that by following others that inspire the same style. This will keep you true to who you are and motivate you to rock some new styles you can be excited about.

Fashion Bloggers are people too. It surely doesn’t seem like it when all you ever see are pictures filled with a beautiful wardrobe and fancy trips. It’s easy to get lost in the lies that make us believe that if we don’t have these things, we don’t have anything. What we don’t ever think about, is the life that these people live. They have problems and struggles just like you; kids, a family, etc. When you scroll through their feed and dream of their fabulous life, remember that you never know what someone else is going through. There are many incredible bloggers out there, and many are honest and real. Don’t be afraid to find those that show that in their posts. Finding a connection with someone and following them for more than just the dresses they buy will create a more personal experience for you and them! This will help you establish a healthier level of obsession and contentment with who you are as well.

Find inspiration and establish your own style, but don’t long for something that isn’t you. Confidence comes from understanding yourself and feeling excited to show that to people. While your life may not be filled with posting pictures about the makeup you use or the shoes you wear, it doesn’t mean that you can’t create your own style vision, or look incredible in that dress you’ve longed for. Focus on using Instagram Bloggers to help you navigate the scary waters of fashion, and find some confidence in the incredible person you are along the way!