Over the past 5 years, I have spent somewhere around 2,600 hours in my car.

Every day, it takes me one hour to get to work and another hour (give or take) back home. I have been through phases where I have come to absolutely despise my long drive to work, but I have also grown to embrace the time I am given to prepare myself that morning for work or wind down after a long day.

I find myself actively finding ways to configure my Spotify playlist to make the drive worth every minute. I have found that there is so much power in creating an environment that can make (or break) my day. I have grown to embrace these moments when I am alone in my car; I have the ability to pray, process, and change my sometimes not-so-great attitude.

That being said, to my fellow commuting family:

Whether your drive is long or short, you have the decision to wake up and own your day. You may wake up tired, broken, indifferent, or lazy–but you have those few moments to transform your demeanor and create a music environment that makes those minutes alone incredibly fulfilling.

After five years of tinkering with a perfect playlist formula, I have come to the conclusion that every commute playlist needs this in their compilation.

  1. A couple songs that help you ease into the fact that the sun is bright and your coffee has not fully kicked; something to acknowledge and accept that the day is happening.
  2. Add a few songs to center your mind. Create a moment for you to pray, meditate, and set goals; whatever you need to do to bring yourself to a solid state of mind for the day.
  3. There are many good releases that drop frequently. You can add in a few songs/artists that you have never listened to before! Mix it up, challenge yourself to get out of the same old music routine.
  4. Throw in some songs that make you move. There is some freedom in letting loose in the car when a funky beat comes on. Allow yourself a moment to feel carefree and embrace the awkward stares you may get in traffic.
  5. Everyone has that song–the song that will never be listened to on a low volume, the song that sometimes makes your voice go numb because you can’t help but belt every word. What’s a good playlist without a solid ballad?

My secret commute playlist formula is now revealed. I tend to change parts of mine weekly to keep it feeling fresh and up to date.

It’s time to own the daily drive! May your mind stay focused, your voices loud, and your seatbelts stay fastened!