Back at it again with the fall talk. Get it? Not small talk, but fall talk. Ok, I’m laughing at my own jokes here. Maybe the nail polish fumes are finally getting to me. I have been obsessing, like OBSESSING over these popular fall nail color trends. This fall we get to camp out with the grey and taupe. Let’s make your trip to the nail section more efficient by instructing you on exactly what to buy.

Grey Tones:

Essie- Cashmere Bathrobe

China Glaze- Below Deck

Taupe Tones:

Essie- Chinchilly

OPI- Over the Taupe

Butter- London Fash Back

OPI- You Don’T Know Jacques

OPI- Affair in Times Square

Brown Tones:

OPI- Suzy Loves Cowboys

Essie- Wicked

OPI- Squeaker of the House

Burgundy Tones:

OPI- We”ll Always Have Paris

OPI- Eiffel for This Color

If you go to the nail salon to have your nails done, I always suggest bringing your own polish, or ask them the name of what polish they had used. Your nails need a name. With this being said, you will be prepared when your nail polish chips and you need a little touch-up.Also, don’t forget to keep your cuticles moisturized because as the weather gets cooler, our skin gets drier, and your cuticles will begin to crack. Have some cuticle oil handy at all times and always apply after washing your hands.Personally, my absolute favorite cuticle oil product is Aveda Beautifying Oil. You can also add a few drops to your body moisturizer. This product is the bomb! I hope this helps narrow down your decision as you stand in front of a wall of nail polishes.

Flaunt Your Fingers!