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This fall has been quite a joke here in Nashville, TN. The weather remained mild to hot, the leaves seemed to fall off the trees right as they change–but the fall record releases have dominated the charts.

This quarter has been a revival for some greatly anticipated albums from artists that have been under the radar for a while. Other albums are a perfect platform for independent artists to make their permanent stamp on the charts.

Here’s a lineup of my favorite fall album releases:

  • Bon Iver: 22, A Million– This. Record. It’s honestly just a beautiful creation of madness. Each song takes you on a different part of the mind of a tortured soul. Every chaotic, dissonant sound somehow blends to weave a masterful work of art. Five years after his last album, this creative soul has finally delivered a totally unique album to his fans and reminded us that there is no limit that a musical boundary can’t be pushed.
  • Norah Jones: Day Breaks– So my inner middle/high school self-was so excited for another Norah Jones album. Her voice just has a way of melting over those jazzy piano notes. The ability to create an album that is lyrically vulnerable and catchy is a talent that isn’t teachable–but Norah Jones has mastered it.
  • St. Paul and the Broken Bones: Sea of Noise– If you feel like you need a lesson in soul, these boys will take you to the church of soul. They create a music environment that you can’t help but move to. The brass section is unstoppable, and the vocals boldly pierce through each track on this new album. Just try putting this down once it’s on.
  • Shovels & Rope: St. Ann’s Parade– Leave it to these trailblazers to come up with a lyrically charged album that blows out all standards of Americana music. There are subtle political undertones only to be matched with supercharged drumbeats, electric guitars, and sweet harmonies. Shovels & Rope have this hypnotic way of pulling you into their stories, and this record does not disappoint.
  • Jack White: Acoustic Recordings 1998-2016-This has been one of the most anticipated releases this fall. It’s no secret that Jack White has a major following, especially in his residing town of Nashville. This album is a compilation of some of his more popular hits, along with some deep tracks for his super fans. It is such a raw, unfiltered look at the career and impression Jack White has made in the music industry. If you have a record player, you’re going to want the vinyl.

It’s so hard to choose a mere five from a deep ocean of brilliant artists. Some other fall releases worth a mention:

  • Joseph: I’m Alone, No You’re Not
  • Conner Oberst: Ruminations
  • Jamie Lidell: Building a Beginning
  • Beck: TBA
  • Regina Spektor: Remember Us to Life

There is nothing better than discovering a crisp new sound from a seasoned artist or finding a new favorite from a fresh face. Many of these new albums are likely to become household classics. Enjoy!