I want to see the heart of things

to be okay with sitting in tension

to be at peace in the mystery

but brave enough to ask questions


I want to care enough to break the surface

to believe that my desire to know more

is not to pry, but to care

to acknowledge that people matter


I want to do, not to simply desire

that I would learn the art of following through


I want a head that asks questions

but ears that listen for answers,

to cling to a holy curiosity

I want to have my own opinions

but the humility to let them be molded by wisdom


I want to converse with my border spaces

and dream with my pen, my canvases, and my piano

I want to hold fast to someone higher

but to recognize my birthright as a creator

to remember that all of life is to be held in anointed hands


I want the grace to receive more grace

on days that I think I’m deserving

to let myself lie broken and let myself feel joy

to keep the phrase “Lord Have Mercy” close to my tongue


I want to see what lies at the depths of my being

the secrets stirring underneath my soul

hidden between the vices and virtues

the holy one who breathed me into form