Ladies, let’s talk about the upcoming winter! We all know it’s not as easy to stay in shape during the cold months. Let’s be honest, running outside, going for a bike ride in the icy air, or even just getting up on those dark mornings can be a pain. Here are some tips and tricks to help motivate us to stay active this winter.

1. Set fitness goals for yourself! The best way to stay on track with your fitness is to set your eyes on a prize. Register for a race, train for a triathlon, set a time or distance for swimming, or maybe even set a weight loss goal. Regardless of what you choose, decide on something and make it your goal to follow through!

2. Plan adventures. Though an afternoon wrapped in a cozy blanket can be peaceful, make arrangements to explore with the people you love. Plan days on the slopes, skiing or snowboarding. Try snowshoeing in the backcountry, or cross country skiing. Strap on some skates or tennis shoes, and get a game of broom ball started. Have a snowball fight, go for a hike, or just take an evening stroll as the snow falls on you. These adventures will not only make for fun activities but could involve some amazing conversations and laughter!
3. Reward yourself! Maybe you need the motivation to set the alarm, get up from your comfy bed, and drive to the gym in the dark. For most of us, the daily gym trip is inevitable even in the winter, but you can allow yourself little rewards each day! Try splurging on that beautifully scented shampoo, or that cool eyeliner you want to try. Allow yourself an extra five minutes after your workout to enjoy a little longer in a hot shower. Maybe plan a few minutes in the sauna following your workout. A little incentive to workout could have a significant impact on your motivation.
Winter may be a difficult time to get excited about fitness, but we can all encourage one another. If you have a specific way of getting motivated, share it with us! Winter may be cold, but let’s make this year hot with fitness motivation!