You answer a knock at the door in the perfect first date outfit that you’ve thought long and hard about, an adorable little sundress you snagged from a local boutique, your trusty low-wedged sandals, and stunning jewels. Your long-anticipated night has officially started, and you’ve been giddy about it all day. 

Before you know it, you’re standing in front of a moped and two helmets. UM, how exactly is this going to work?

You’ve been getting ready for hours and did your hair for the first time in days. Not to mention tried hard to wear something you figured would be perfect for ANY date. Now you’re expected to ride around on a moped with NO warning? Come on, dude. 

Inevitably you get a second glance at his endearing face and just can’t be mad. You smile, shove the helmet on and climb atop the moped, praying no one has to experience any mooning or flashing on your behalf.  You thought you had the whole dating wardrobe figured out but sadly feel otherwise. The date attire stress ends here because I’m sharing three secrets to first date attire that will be sure to make you walk confidently into any rendezvous AND look hot doing it.

Play it safe until you know your guy. 

The first date compared to the 20th can mean the difference between awkward exchanges to laughing about any and everything through the late hours of the night. You’re not expected to know everything about your date the first time you spend time together, so play it safe with the wardrobe until you do. Hopefully, you’ll ask the agenda beforehand, but if it’s supposed to remain a surprise, don’t be scared to ask how you should dress. You won’t sound naggy; because in the long run, you don’t want to show up to a hiking date in your finest Gucci shoes and evening gown.Wear something that can go from park to bar in a matter of minutes. Trust me. You’ll look fabulous, AND he’ll appreciate the simplicity. Skinny Jeans with a chiffon tank and casual heels will put you in the best position for any activity. A versatile outfit allows you to add a leather jacket if you’re fighting chillier temperatures, and you can always ditch the heels if needed.

Skinny jeans will show off your legs without being too revealing, and a tank can do the same for the upper half. There is nothing worse than not feeling like yourself on a date, so grab your favorites and reveal the real you!


Don’t distract him with shiny things.

There is nothing more disrupting that excessively large jewelry and glistening clothing. It will send your conversation in the wrong direction and potentially down the drain. Stick with simple, yet classy accessories and outfit selections. That doesn’t mean giving up an incredible look; just shift the focus to your date and allow him to get to know YOU rather than your outfit. Pick accessories that are your go-to’s and steer clear of anything that may make him question what your authentic style if he sees you again. Pairing statement earrings with your favorite arm candy, or even sticking with an understated gold necklace with studs will be more than enough when it comes to completing an outfit. Scoring that first date doesn’t mean you should throw out all of the punches at once. Stick to your guns, and he’ll see you for who you truly are!

Tame the hair and makeup.

Yes, you heard me. Dates can bring out the glamor girl within, which sometimes leads to overdoing the attributes that make us most beautiful. Most of us aren’t walking down the red carpet on a first date, so there’s no need to paint a false picture of who you are on an everyday basis. Maybe your usual hairstyle is curled, perhaps it’s a ponytail. Whatever it is, rock it, and don’t look back. A first date doesn’t have to mean trying a new hairstyle for the first time. It will only leave you frustrated and discouraged, which isn’t ideal before that first date. Stick with what you know and what makes you comfortable.

The same goes for your makeup. Put the eyeshadow brush down and take a step back. Your date didn’t sign up for a night with a raccoon. Some women have a daily makeup routine, while others don’t even have the word foundation their vocabulary. Their lashes have never touched mascara, and that’s ok! Focus on what makes you feel beautiful.

Also, don’t be scared to have a friend help you decide on last minute hair and makeup touches that compliment you, your date, and your planned activities. What else are besties for, right?

Don’t walk into a first date trying to paint a picture of something that isn’t real. Just because your best friend looked amazing in a crop top on her last date, doesn’t mean that’s the perfect outfit for you. A first date means first impressions, and you want to walk away feeling good about who he got know on the inside. Keep the outfit stunning and indicative of who you are. Don’t distract him with overly bold accessories and keep the hair and makeup exploration to a minimum. In the end, he’s on a date with you and not your clothes, accessories, or makeup. Your only competition is yourself when it comes to looking fantastic on a date. 

Stop your worrying and wear that confidence. It can take the simplest outfit to another level, and it’s what your date will remember most.