The intimidation factor of jeans alone can send you into a downward spiral every time you step in the dressing room. If you’re anything like me, It’s a love-hate relationship that most of the time leaves me doubting if it’s even worth it. Why are denim pants so daunting? Why do we dread the time spent finding that perfect pair? From the cuts to the colors, to just trying to find the right size and fit, it’s never ending. Fortunately, no matter your style, I have three outfit ideas that will keep you on trend with the flare look this season, and you’ll look great doing it.

Oversized sweaters go with everything, right? So why not with that pair of flares in your closet? Any color. Any style. Grab your favorite cardigan or sweater and consider your outfit effortless and complete. It will give some attention to that perfect flare fit for the bottom half, but also keep your look casual. Also, you’ll be able to show a little more personality through your sweater choice. A graphic sweater, oversized knit, or your favorite cardigan with a basic tank; pick your poison. Your flares will also be the perfect match with your favorite booties this season, completing your outfit with ease! Your go-to tote will be the perfect addition for errands around town, no matter your agenda!

Scoring some high waisted flare jeans will do wonders for your wardrobe. They not only give your legs length, but they are the perfect combination to tuck in a long sleeve blouse. This outfit allows so much wiggle room when it comes to styling. A fur vest and heels at night, and boots, a belt, and wide-brimmed hat that provides a head turning daytime look that keeps you chic but practical. Whatever your style, a simple blouse and pair of flares can amp up your wardrobe in minutes.

Maybe you still have a hard time grasping the idea of bodysuits being acceptable to wear anywhere other than the water. More and more people are obsessing over this trend, but that doesn’t mean the confidence to wear one comes so easy. Pairing one with your favorite flares means you won’t feel as exposed and can even throw on a bomber jacket for more coverage. Your flares will be the center of attention rather than the body suit so you can slowly ease the idea into your wardrobe. Wearing a dark wash with some heels makes it your go-to outfit for out on the town, just grab a clutch ad you’re ready to go!

If you can find the right pair, flare jeans have the ability to help your outfit rather than hinder it. Stay true to your style, but don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone. After all, jeans are just jeans, but you never know when you could find a new confidence level. Flares can create some fun for your closet and put to use some of those tops you’ve forgotten. Whether you love a good pair of heels or like running around in your trusty boots, flares are for anyone.