At the end of winter, I decided  I was going to be responsible for a life other than my own. Deep inside, I felt like it was time to go all in and be accountable for something. I didn’t tell anyone because I wanted it to be my little secret. If I were successful at it, then I’d announce my accomplishment to the world. If I bombed it, then no one would know, and it would be okay. After a few weeks of planning, I went to Walmart and bought a plant.

HUGE DEAL! I nurtured and cared for that dandelion and waited for it to blossom and fill my world with color and life. One day I came home from work, and the little thing had finally bloomed! My little apartment lit up, and my whole world seemed to change at that moment. Spring time was full of life and color for the rest of the season. I planted more plants and my love for gardening grew to be a sustaining force in my life.

Just kidding, that dandelion didn’t last a full month. I painfully realized I don’t have the time to commit to keeping anything alive other than myself.  The little bit of color that the dandelion added to my life, however, did become a sustaining force for me. My failed attempt at gardening helped me realize that I like flowers. My new affection for floriculture was a shock to my husband who had given up on ever buying me flowers because I told him on our first date that they stink and are a waste of money; Assertive, I know!

That one little blossom was such a positive impact on a day, one that was mentally draining,  that it sparked something in me. I took notice of that spark because of the contrast it had against my lifeless winter day Since then, I’ve  made it a priority to keep colorful flowers on my mantle, so they’re the first thing in view. When I walk inside to those flowers each evening, I remember the color and life that little details add to our world.

It sounds simple, but little essences of joy in life add up to the elements that keep you sane. Think about what you love and notice what happens. You smiled, didn’t you? The little things in life are what keep us going on the ordinary and rough days alike. My flowers, the smell of my favorite candle, coffee, paint projects on my patio are just some of the little joys in life that brighten my world. They make me smile, remind me of home, and help me decompress when I’m on the verge of losing it.

The catch about the insignificant satisfactions in life is that they don’t necessarily have to be material things. I love my flowers and coffee, but I also love the change of seasons and nature. Cool autumn days beckon us to slow down and watch the leaves change. Sitting and observing nature can settle the anxious heart. God’s creation has become my go to therapy when I’m stuck at work and need a moment to pull myself together. If you look hard enough, you will find little blessings that brighten your world.

What adds joy to your life? Is it material possessions or do you have some nonmaterialistic delights too? This week, make it a point to stop when you feel a little color added to your day and find the source. When you locate the source, cherish it and make sure you don’t miss out. Challenge yourself to make it a priority in your life.  After all, it’s the little things that count.