With the warm weather falling away, it’s time to look for fun, energetic workouts to do in the crisp, autumn air.

I am going to share a workout routine that can be repeated as many or as few times as you like. You can complete this workout independently or in combination with other workouts. (Please note: this workout is not designed to suit the needs of all individuals. If you have had injuries or health problems that would compromise the ability to perform these motions, please abstain or modify.)

  1. Cardio: Let’s get that heart pumping and blood flowing
  2. 1 min jumping jacks
  3. 1 min high knees
  4. 10 burpees
  5. Core: Feel the burn
  6. 30 boat/wrap crunches (Rest back on your sit-bones, enough to feel your core engaged. Stretch legs out and bring arms wide to your sides. Then crunch in, bringing knees in and wrapping arms inward)
  7. 1 min plank
  8. 30 weighted sit-ups (can be done with as much/ little weight as desired)
  9. Cardio: Warming up!
  10. 1 min squats
  11. 1 min jump rope (can be done without rope)
  12. 10 burpees
  13. Strength: Pump some iron
  14. 10 regular push-ups
  15. 10 dips (use bench or stairs)
  16. 1 min low plank hold
  17. Total Body: You’re almost there
  18. 10 Full stands (Using weight, start lying down with weight or weighted plate above head, then bring weight forward, while making your way to your feet and stand straight.)
  19. Finish with a 1-mile run!

I recommend going through this routine at least 3 times. If you have a designated amount of time set aside for workouts each day, try doing three consecutive rounds. If you have short intervals of time, you could try breaking this up throughout the day. You could do one round in the morning, one during lunch break, and one after work or class. If you are planning a run or yoga session, try doing one round of this routine as an additional workout. Start your morning out with one round of this routine, or finish out the day with one last burst of energy!