Boots, scarves, warm lattes and oversized sweaters are screaming my name. Fall couldn’t come any faster. MY days are spent dreaming about pumpkin everything, the changing leaves, and cooler temps. While there are a million other things that I love about fall, cardigans are taking a top spot on the list this season. They can complete any look, become the perfect accessory, and change the style of any outfit. After hearing my go-to looks and top reasons for owning one this fall, you’ll be sure to have a cardigan on hand for the coming autumn months.

Cardigans come in all shapes, styles, fabrics, and cuts; and while I love a good challenge, sometimes I don’t like using brain power when it comes to piecing together an outfit. Let’s be honest, the possibilities of cardigans seem daunting when you’re standing in a sea of sweaters and can’t tell the difference between the ten different oatmeal colored cozy knits that stand before you. With an overwhelming number of possibilities comes more opportunity to use those cardigans in your closet. Remember that simple strappy A-line dress sitting still on the hanger because you never thought it could make an outfit? Or maybe that basic white tee that you figured would be your go to but now sits collecting dust? A cardigan is your quick fix to solve those intimidating wardrobe problems this fall. Alone, a cardigan may never be the head-turning item in your closet, but they are underestimated when it comes to completing a look.

When it comes to outfit making, cardigans are usually an option, not a necessity. Except for the die-hard cardigan groupies, we pair cardigans with outfits based on weather and necessity of extra layers. It’s no secret that cardigans are as much a part of any outfit as the pieces that compliment it, but why not let it accentuate the outfit you already created? Just like earrings or a scarf, a cardigan can add the finishing touch or extra flare to any outfit, no matter your style. Whether it’s over a V-neck tank and high-waisted skirt with flats or ripped boyfriend jeans and your old favorite band t-shirt from high school, try putting cardigans in the accessory category. Think about it in a way that without one, your outfit could hold its own, but utilizing a cardigan to show off your own style can pack just as much of a punch as a pair of statement earrings.

Taking a look from on-the-go casual to dinner party is how cardigans work their magic. But how do we know what’s appropriate, and what’s going to kill the look all in one fail swoop? Knowing what you’re dressing for is the priority, but don’t be scared of a cardigan killing your outfit game when it has the ability to take on many different looks. That one cardigan can go from backyard bonfire to girl’s night out in a matter of seconds. Cardigans may be your secret weapon this season, but you don’t have to stuff your closet full of these knits to make a statement. If a versatile cardigan is what you’re after, you may not want to find the next oversized wool knit on the rack, but something a bit more classy and fitting could be a winner. Having one that is versatile, no matter the mood, outfit, or weather will not only be a piece worth paying for, but will carry you through all seasons if done right.

Cardigans may be under-appreciated now, but as the fall season quickly approaches, you’ll be grabbing for one every time you run out the door. Whether it’s wool or cashmere, that autumn air won’t be the only reason you think cardigan when it comes to piecing an outfit. Your favorite sweater can be your next best accessory, complete any look you’re after, and take on any style. I’m falling in love with cardigans this season, and I think you will too!