Local music is in no short supply here in Nashville, TN.

Nashville is a magnet for songwriters and musicians from around the globe, but few find success in creating a magic musical equation; Birdtalker has found that sweet solution.

What began as a husband-wife duo, Zack and Dani Green began co-writing in 2012. In true Nashville fashion, the rest of the musical talent in the band seemed to be an arm’s length away. After a few small gigs around town, Andy Hubright, Brian Seligman, and Jesse Baker fit the final missing pieces.

Birdtalker doesn’t shy away from vulnerable, emotionally loaded lyrics. Each song on their debut album, Just This, is a true reflection of the artists behind it. There is a slight waver in Dani’s voice that makes it incredibly delicate and unique, but not easily duplicated. Accompanied with Zack, their voices create an unshakable powerhouse harmony.

The skillful choice of instrumentation behind each song is clever. The drums carry the heartbeat of each song, and the bright guitar tones bring a surprising amount of depth to the slower songs on the record. They seem to be fearless in their use of uniquely placed instruments; as shown below, Dani plays an accordion in an acoustic version of Heavy.

Their debut album (released August 2016) begins with Want, a beautifully simple acapella song reminiscent of an old gospel song. After a strong drum transition into Heavy, the record takes an upbeat turn (with a xylophone) in the form of an uplifting anthem. Just This, the title track, slows it back down to strikingly hollow harmonies and intimate lyrics. The rest of the record is cleverly pieced together in transitions and song placement.

Birdtalker is currently on tour with The Saint Johns, quickly gathering fans across the U.S. Be sure to check out their debut album, Just This, and catch them on tour!