I know the feeling of wanting to live a healthier lifestyle, but having no idea where to get started. Many women are desperate for a change in their health and fitness journeys, but need a little guidance to get them going on the straight and narrow. Around the beginning of this year, I collaborated with a few women to create a Healthy Girl’s ebook. Our purpose was to provide valuable content and prove to women that getting started is easier than they might think.

One of my favorite pieces to contribute to the ebook was my list of healthy girl must-haves. Like a mascara that you can trust with your life, there are essential items to keep at home for those serious about living a more radiant and glowing life. I’ve listed my top items for you to add to your list next time you’re shopping around. The downside is that these items will add a total of $34 to your next grocery bill. The upside is that you won’t need to replenish these for at least eight weeks. I’ve included what I look for on labels to ensure I’m buying the highest quality product. And as a bonus, I’ve noted my brands of choice because I think we can all agree that all coconut oil is not created equal. Grab your pen and paper and let’s go shopping!


Coconut Oil
Virgin, organic and unrefined. Brand of choice: Dr. Bonner’s 14 oz. jar – $11.99
Is there anything this superfood can’t do? If I were to sit down and write out my morning and nightly routine, coconut oil would be with me every step of the way. It’s excellent for cooking, removing makeup, fighting against sugar addiction, as well as detoxing gums and oral bacteria. That’s just scraping the surface of its potential.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Organic, unfiltered, with “The Mother.” Brand of choice: Bragg 16oz. Bottle – $4.99
This common household product provides endless solutions to everyday problems that we face. Upset stomach, dandruff, congestion, and bloating. You name it; it cures it. Whether ingested or used topically, its benefits are infinite. I mix one tablespoon into a glass ice water as a daily detox or apply it to my scalp to help with my annoying dryness.

Bentonite Clay
Brand of choice: Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay 1lb jar – $7.95
Allow me to introduce you to the most magical item on the list. This product comes in powder form and when mixed with water transforms into a detoxifying clay. Bentonite clay is unique for the sheer fact that when hydrated, it expands like a porous sponge that absorbs toxins. I use it as a face mask to deep clean my pores or rub it under my arms for an armpit detox.

Liquid Chlorophyll
Super concentrated. Brand of choice: NOW Foods – $8.99
Chlorophyll has been my latest and greatest addition. For all you babes that are looking for an easy addition to your daily routine without breaking the bank, this is it! I drink one teaspoon morning and night. It helps to deodorize and detoxify the body, balance out of whack hormones, and promote digestive health. NOW foods brand has a natural mint flavor, and it helps to freshen breath as well.

All too often we confuse living a healthier lifestyle with making earth shattering changes. The truth is a good night’s sleep, a healthy intake of water, solid nutrition and fitness plan can go a long way. Add these items into your arsenal, and you’ll see how doable it is to not only start this journey but to also succeed. Don’t count yourself out from living the healthy life you’ve always dreamed of just because it seems daunting. Start small and trust that your intentionality and commitment to the little things will help you accomplish your goals.