We’ve all had that moment; you’re in the clearance section at Target, and you stumble across a dress that’s perfect for you. Then that thing happens. Somehow, you talk yourself out of it. There’s no real reason why: the bills are paid, money is in savings, the gas tank is full. But somehow, you decide that you don’t really need it and walk away empty handed. You get home, and life goes on as usual. You forget about the dress and the feeling that came along with the idea of treating yourself to something nice.

Have you ever wondered where that little voice in our head, the one that tells you there is no need to treat ourselves,  comes from? Many times we talk ourselves out of treating ourselves to things in life out of a sense of humility, but the underlying reasoning behind it has more to do with our perception of ourselves rather than humility. When is the last time you treated yourself to something nice and the next day, the car messed up? Or you went on a fancy trip to get home, and an equally large expense popped up. Instantly you realize how much you just splurged on your now not-so-necessary vacation. Buyer’s remorse is so real, y’all!

But think about all the times you paid bills on time, stayed on track of your savings plans, meal prepped so you didn’t eat out on your lunch break. We do those things and so much more without regret because they pay off in the long run. Those things are important, so they merit a little sacrifice.

But aren’t we worth it too? If that dress makes you feel the prettiest you’ve felt since the baby came, isn’t your self-esteem worth it? And if that $10 Starbucks reload at the end of the week is a pat on the back for dealing with work issues with grace, that’s worth it too!

We put off so many things that are important to us in the name self-sacrifice, that it literally becomes self-sacrifice. We sacrifice ourselves for unnecessary reasons until we wake up one day and realize we’ve lived our whole lives denying ourselves to the point that we have no personal growth to show for it. Self-control is great, and we all need to be responsible adults. But let’s agree that being an adult is difficult and merits a little more reward to go along with all the sacrifice we do. You can’t work hard and buy the self-esteem that feeling pretty in a dress will give you. You have to actually buy the dress to get that result. So saying yes to yourself now and then is an investment equally as important as your retirement plan.

Saying yes to yourself doesn’t always mean treating yourself to clothes or shoes. When’s the last time you said yes to a day off? Or yes to your favorite hobby? We all have things in our lives that add value and color to our world. But if we never say yes to enjoying them, they serve no purpose. You have to find those little things and actually say yes to them!

Treating yourself to the little things does so much for you. That moment of joy marks your souls and pushes you to keep living for the next time you experience it again. You’ll never know the fulfillment of self-confidence if you don’t buy the dress. You’ll never get the stress relief of hot yoga if you don’t drop the kids off at Mother’s Day out and go. So say yes to it, because you’re worth it.