My aging skin, tired eyes, and stress-hormonal acne could need a little extra loving.

Have you researched the new color correcting concealers that makeup artists are raving about? For a long time, I brushed them off because the indefinite options are a bit intimidating.

I stumbled on an article about Urban Decay’s Naked Skin Color Correcting Concealer.  This lightweight concealer color-corrects and helps to blur flaws, leaving the skin looking illuminated. The theory behind the color correcting process? The color wheel.

You may be a little confused because we are going back to elementary school, but it is quite simple. Let’s go through a few of the most common color base formulas together!

Green Concealer helps cancels out red tones. If you have sunburns, rosacea, windburn, intense redness or irritation, green concealer is for you. It may be intimidating to put such a bright color on your face but don’t worry, your foundations and/or powder will cover it. Put the concealer on clean skin, pressing it into the problem area. Then layer on your foundation and watch the magic happen!

Use purple concealer to brighten yellowish undertones that cause dullness.

Pink Concealer is a miracle concealer for the girls like me. When you stayed in the tanning bed a little too long or said, “forget the sunscreen let’s use baby oil,” a pink concealer is your best friend. Pink works to cancel out brown spots and dullness in color. This is great for pale skin because it adds an illuminating glow to your skin color.

Yellow Concealer helps to calm mild redness and known for covering up purple and blue under eyes. A Yellow concealer will help to even out skin tones. Oh for the love, I’ve finally found a secret for my lack of sleep!

Red Concealer cancels out green tones in the skin, which often appear under the eyes due to lack of sleep Use your ring finger to pat this product under your eye and on your eyelid to brighten up your skin tone around that prominent area of the face. Red concealers are known for covering up hollow eyelids and tattoos.

Orange Concealer is a fantastic trick cover up a bruise for a special occasion or just to wear that new dress. Orange cancels out any bluish tones that may appear on the skin, works well to neutralize the skin tone, and is perfect for medium-to-deep toned skin.

There you have it: Beauty Tips and Tricks that surprise you but also may have completely changed your life.  Beauty is not about hiding behind a mask full of makeup to cover up insecurities. But if makeup allows for a more confident you, then do it, girl! Discover ways to make living in the skin you’re in more fun! Be bold. Try new things. Do research. Practice. Teach a friend.

If you want to purchase any of these products, find the nearest Sephora. They are always my go-to makeup shopping spot because they have it all. Join the rewards program and build points towards new products to love! It’s a win, win! You are a winner, and you are beautiful.

Don’t just conceal, correct!