I struggle with the balance of pushing women toward their goals and pulling them away from these same goals.  I want to stand firmly behind women and encourage them to work toward their goals. But, I find myself trying to free women from the excuses and distractions that so easily entangle us all.

I am known as a tough love kind of person. It comes from a genuine desire to see people achieve their goals and walk in divine health. The truth is that as working women, wives, moms, and every other title in between, there are a million and one excuses for why we should put our health and fitness on the back burner. However, your big buts are no longer valid. Here’s why:

If you want it bad enough, you’ll work hard enough.

As someone who works with women striving to achieve their health and fitness goals, I’ve heard every excuse in the book. Ahead, I’ve compiled a list of a 3 of the most common excuses to help you overcome barriers and get you back to living your best life on purpose.

Excuse #1: I don’t have time to cook

You might be right, but if taking better care of yourself is a priority you have to make time. The average calories in a takeout meal is 1500 calories. Fifteen. Hundred. You cannot afford to waste your entire day’s worth of calories on ONE meal. Cooking at home enables you to be in charge of what you’re putting into your body, which allows you to be in charge of how quickly you reach your goals. I’ve found that on my busiest days, meal prepping is the key to fighting this excuse.

Excuse #2: I hate going to the gym.

I know the discomfort that some women associate with the gym, but who needs one? There are so many resources available these days that can get you in shape from home. I workout with top class trainers who whip me into shape in only thirty minutes straight from my living room. The trick is finding something you enjoy and something that you’ll stick with. From yoga to dance and weight lifting to boot camps, –  there’s something for everyone. You’re one workout away from a good mood, so do some digging on finding your soulmate workout and get started today. Bonus tip: remove “I’ll start fresh Monday” from your vocabulary and start fresh today – right this very second.

Excuse #3: I have no willpower.

Love this quote: You don’t need as much willpower if you make your environment work in your favor.

This means, keep fresh fruit around versus candy. Studies show that on average people who keep fruit on hand weigh 7 lbs less than people who don’t. Honestly, who has willpower when you have to choose between fruit and chocolate? Create an environment that aligns with your goals. What works well for me is to always have a game plan. A healthy breakfast, a packed lunch with snacks, and a prepped dinner helps me stay on track.

Do you have any excuses that derail your progress? Share them with us, and we can talk through them. I’m believing for strength and discipline that only the Lord can provide that will help you ditch those excuses and live a glowing life!