I recently made a trip out to the beautiful Napa Valley. The gorgeous wine country leaves you nothing short of breathless. From the endless hills to the stunning valley views, this place is extraordinary. Not to mention it gives us the gift of wine, so thank you, Napa. The drive through adorable little towns like Yountville and up the mountains in areas with no cell service is the best. It seems like the farther away from civilization, the more beautiful it becomes. There is something about the quiet air and sense of peace that embodies the space of Napa Valley. That, paired with some of the best wine in the country, makes for a remarkable trip.

Before this, I had never been to wine country. I had no idea what to pack and felt like a crazy person rummaging through my closet for the perfect outfits. In the middle of nowhere with hot weather, you’re sitting and standing around drinking wine – a somewhat classy event for most. How do you keep the style without sacrificing comfort? To save you the headache, I’ve laid out my top packing tips for any wine tasting endeavors!

We went to wineries that ranged anywhere from casual to formal. There were times where I was indulging in a pork sandwich after a tasting at one of the busiest wineries, then out to the middle of wine country for a personal tasting on a private estate. No matter how or where I was sipping wine, my outfits always had three things in common. They were comfortable, light, and versatile. Since we didn’t exactly know what to expect with each winery, I went with the safe bet of wearing a trendy summer dress most days. Not only did it give me optimal airflow but also gave me the confidence that I was never too over or underdressed. Rompers and maxi dresses also proved to be just as lovely! I rocked the off the shoulder look as well to take advantage of getting a little extra sun, which was a success!

Don’t forget about the accessories! Start with a great pair of sandals. I took one pair of nude sandals that I knew matched every outfit. This not only left me more packing room but also made shoe decisions a breeze every morning! Also, bring a pair of your favorite wedges and leave them in the car. When necessary, I was able to slide them on and instantly dress up my outfit. As for your perfect wine-tasting bag, pick something small and easy to carry. I only brought cross body bags with me for the entire trip. You don’t need much with you. Grab your ID, money, fresh lip color, and oil blotting strips for halfway through the day. No need to carry a tote around. Leave it at the hotel and grab the essentials. Your cross body will allow you to be hands-free and keep all your belongings close.

Makeup can either be your best friend or your worst enemy, especially in higher temps. Keep it simple. If you’re comfortable, I recommend even forgoing the foundation and using your favorite BB cream for coverage that isn’t too heavy. Keep the blush to a minimum. Your cheeks will thank you later when the weather gets warm. Stick with something fresh and glowing for the eyes, maybe a neutral shimmer in pink or gold. Finally, the lips. I LOVE letting my lips do the talking when it comes to makeup–pardon the pun. I got SO much use out of my favorite shades of pink on this trip. There is nothing like a bold lip to take any outfit to the next level. Keep your favorite shade close throughout the day just in case. Those lips are going to be doing a lot of tasting!

Keep these tips in mind while packing for your next vacay out to wine country! With a trendy, yet comfortable outfit, the perfect accessories, and spot on makeup, you’ll be sure to leave your style print on every winery in Napa! Just remember, style never has to be sacrificed for comfort! Grab that maxi you’ve been waiting to debut and throw it in the suitcase. It will get plenty of wear from breakfast to dinner and lots of wine in between. Good luck and happy tasting!