I have been eagerly waiting to share with you guys a book that has completely revolutionized my life! From the author who is heartfelt, to the simple way she explains the benefits of healthy living, this book has made me rethink beauty and strive for radiance within. It is so fascinating to me how the entire body is all connected. The things we consume internally can have a positive or negative effect on our physical appearance.

I was at a local boutique one afternoon and picked up a book that caught my eye, called Eat Pretty. The title and the appearance of the book sparked my curiosity because it was adorable and appeared to be a simple read. The simple way she explains the benefits of healthy living have realigned my ideas about beauty and the radiance within. I carried it in my purse and highlighting recipes, beauty tips, and food recommendations. Since reading Jolene Hart’s book, I have committed to living a healthier lifestyle and have learned so much about beauty nutrition.

As I started aging, I started noticing my body changing, my hormones changing, my skin changing. So annoying right?! I had such a negative reaction to the side effects of aging. Until, one day, I was having coffee with a friend and she reminded me that we should take care of our physical health and well-being because we are working for the Lord.

This conversation triggered my mind to reset itself, to really think about the choices I make on a daily basis. The conversation moved me in such a way that I made a commitment to myself and The Lord to strive to be better. Not to be perfect but to do the best that I can do. I believe in finding a personal motto that is motivating! Find something that you can write on your mirror, save as your screensaver, or write on a post-it note and put in the visor of your car. Reminding yourself daily that you are made for more!

I highly recommend checking out Eat Pretty. “Let wholesome, delicious food be your beauty secret,” says author Jolene Hart. Here are some recommendations:

Celery: good for skin hydration

Raspberries: good for lustrous hair

Dandelion greens: good for detoxing

Ginger: good for anti-aging defense and digestion

Red cabbage: good for collagen boost

Artichokes: good for a slim silhouette

Nutmeg: good for “beauty” sleep

Beets: good for sun protection

Hart speaks passionately about self-love. She encourages giving yourself encouragement for all of your effort and remembering to breathe as you encounter challenges and changes. A few ways you can do this:

Appreciation and Intention: It is OK to show yourself support for your hard work and dedication to making a transition to becoming a healthier you. “Choose to support and love yourself in the process so that you feed your thoughts with confidence and positivity for your accomplishments,” said author Jolene.

Breathing and Meditating (Praying): Remember to be thankful. A thankful heart reminds us that God is our focus and our priority. It can be a challenge to create a healthy balance with your daily routine. We plan out our day around the gym or a scheduled eating time, and we forget to give thanks to The Provider of it all. The one who gives us the ability to be active and maintain healthy living. We forget to pray and give thanks for the food that has been placed before us. Maintaining a healthy “lifestyle” can be challenging, but we need Jesus through the process. We need His guidance and more importantly His support. He is our biggest fan; never leaving us, always inspiring and encouraging us, and always blessing us. Stay humble. Stay thankful.

It is so important to surround yourself with people that are going to encourage you, support you, motivate you, and love you. Be around people that push you to grow and become the best version of yourself. After saying this, I want to also remind you that we are not made to be perfect, only Our Heavenly Father is. I look forward to expanding what is on my heart about just simply being you. Together, we learn to embrace self-love and watch beauty radiate from within.

Feel free to share the beauty tips and tricks that you know in the comment section below.