It’s no secret that we live in an instant gratification society. I see this every single day in my health & fitness community. Girls want details on juice cleanses, detoxes that result in fast weight loss, and I have to break it to them that God created us so beautifully and so wonderfully that He designed our bodies to naturally detox themselves – when we take care of them.

Your kidneys assist in extracting waste from your blood and balancing bodily fluids.

Your liver helps break down fat during digestion and removes toxins that have been ingested.

Your skin, yes your skin, is sometimes referred to as your “third kidney” because it is your largest organ that plays a vital role in secretion, excretion, and elimination of toxins.

When we are intentional about taking care of these beautiful blessings of bodies that God has blessed us with, they take care of us! Unfortunately, there are instances where I have girls that are crushing their workouts, following their meal plans to the letter, and are still having trouble losing weight. Not seeing the results that you’re working hard for can be frustrating and demotivating. It’s also a common sign that your system may be in need of a refresh. Other common signs include brain fog, skin problems, and constant fatigue just to name a few. If you’ve noticed any of these signs on a regular basis, it’s likely that you are well overdue for a system reboot.

We are called to live healthy and whole lives that glorify God. Certain factors can keep us distracted from living out our charge to be good stewards of our bodies. A cleanse or detox can help us refocus, and I’m breaking down 4 of the most common signs that it may be time for one!

Difficulty Losing Weight

Consider a detox a “fresh start.” Not in the sense that you can use a cleanse to undo the brisket nachos from Saturday night, but it’s difficult to live a healthy lifestyle with stored up toxins. If a cleanse isn’t your thing, try drinking a little apple cider vinegar tonic every morning. My favorite concoction is 1-2 tbs apple cider vinegar, 1/4 cup freshly squeezed grapefruit juice, and 8 oz of water. This little mix flushes you right out and is safe to drink every morning.

Brain Fog or Inability to Focus

Scenario: It’s 10:00 am on a Monday morning, your boss asks you what you did this weekend, and you can’t even remember what you had for breakfast let alone where you brunched on Saturday.  This is not a sign you need extra caffeine; this is your body telling you that your brain is not firing on all cylinders. It’s possible that your body needs a break from gluten or candida {a fancy word for yeastlike fungi that affect the brain}. A simple candida cleanse restores mental clarity and alertness.

Skin Problems

A lot of times when our skin is breaking out we are quick to buy another face wash or cream and ignore the fact that it’s possible that our external breakouts are a result of an internal breakdown.  If you are facing unrelenting skin problems, it’s time to get to the root of the problem. Elimination diets — the process of identifying foods that cause breakouts — can be key if your skin issues are a result of the foods you’re eating. Detoxing can also help rid your body of the toxins that lead to these unwelcomed outbreaks.

Quick tip: I’ve found that sometimes cleanses can cause my skin to worsen before it improves. As hard as it is to believe, this is a good thing! The toxins are finding their way out and unfortunately, your pores are their escape route. Don’t worry: after your skin purges, you’ll see the fruit of your labor!

Constant Fatigue

I take my grande Americanos very seriously. I look forward to starting my day with a cup of coffee or espresso, but I’ve been pretty fortunate that nine times out of 10 I’ll stop in Starbucks out of want/habit than necessity. If you constantly wake up feeling sluggish and fall into deeper state of lethargy as the day goes on, it’s possible that it’s time to flush out whatever is stopping you from thriving at optimal energy levels.

Some other common signs that you may be in need of a system refresh could also include unexplained headaches, constipation, depression and trouble sleeping.

Ready to detox but not sure where to start? Let’s chat! As a health and fitness coach, I take my role in serving women in their faith & fitness goals seriously, and I would love nothing more than to see you walking in divine health! Find my email in my bio below!