One thing I have learned this year is what it truly looks like to celebrate others.  Being in the creative world, in multiple different expressions,  it is so incredibly easy to get wrapped up in what the next person is doing.

But let me tell you a secret. The key to your success is learning to celebrate others.

That means celebrating when they reach a milestone that you haven’t.  That means celebrating when their side hustle becomes their full-time job while you’re still working 70 hours a week.

Bottom line: learning to celebrate other people’s victories will pave the way to your own.

Trust me, I know this is a challenging concept.  Especially in today’s world when we are bombarded with the idea that it’s “every man for himself.” But honestly, that gets old.

If you don’t have a home team, who’s going to celebrate with you when you reach your own milestones…when you have your own victories?

So it starts with you.  Take a moment to celebrate and appreciate those around you today.  Create a culture of celebrating others in your life.  And I bet, no I actually guarantee, there will be a noticeable difference in the support you receive in your own life.