I’m Emily, and I’m so excited to use this space to share fashion advice, beauty tips, and everything in between! As a labor and delivery nurse by night and a Pure Barre fitness instructor by day, I take the opportunity to wear my “real clothes” very seriously. Ultimately, I hope that my posts help you find who you are through your wardrobe. Whether you’re boho chic or as preppy as Lily Pulitzer, there will be a little bit here for everyone. We may have different styles, but I love expressing my true colors through the pieces I choose to wear, and I hope I can encourage you to do the same!

Let’s kick it off by talking summer styles! The “off the shoulder” trend is hitting shops everywhere, and it’s not just for those with toned, bronzed arms. From ruffles to clean lines, this style is for everyone, and I’m here to tell you how you, too, can pull off this style affordably and flawlessly.

First: where to search for the best styles. When I first saw this trend hit social media, I immediately thought it was too good to be true. A top that flatters everyone, shows some skin in a classy, yet, conservative way, and DOESN’T cling to my body? This isn’t real. Shops all over the web are selling this style in a thousand different ways, giving you the freedom to make it your own. The biggest hurdle is, where should we be shopping, and how much should we be spending on this item? Thankfully, you won’t find a shortage in this style – no matter what price you are willing to pay. I personally don’t like to spend a lot on trends, no matter how cute they are. So, I’ve been shopping this trend on Asos and Chic Wish for some of the cutest options at prices you won’t want to pass up!

Secondly: finding your style within a style. So you want an off the shoulder top, but didn’t realize that there were going to be a million different colors, ten thousand different patterns, and a hundred different fits?! You don’t even know where to begin, and all of a sudden, a cute trend is turning into your most stressful situation of the day. This is when you step back and do a 180. You get to take a trend, and find something that expresses who you are – this should be the fun part! Cropped, tunic, ruffles, floral, solid, striped, whatever it is, go for it! This is your chance to be you AND rock a trend that is flattering and chic.

Last up: creating the finishing product. This is the golden rule: always think about what you have in your closet before you step foot into the store. Many times, this will dictate exactly what I buy. My number one question I ask myself when it comes to shopping is, “What else can I wear this with from my closet?” Maybe you’re searching for a top. Can you wear it with white jeans, shorts, or a cute skirt? Or maybe, you have your eye on an off-the-shoulder dress. Is it casual? Dressy? Will you only wear it to one event in your entire life, or will you be able to dress it up or down with sandals and heels, making it your go-to dress for the season? If I can’t think of at least 3-5 things to pair with my new item, I normally won’t purchase it. There may be exceptions, but if you’re looking to find the perfect piece, make sure it’s worth hanging in your closet.

Bottom line: Don’t feel overwhelmed by the choices, and don’t stress over where to find your perfect style. Trends are trends because someone was courageous enough to take a product and boldly wear it without apologizing. You, too, can use the right tools to find the right piece at the right price.