“Why do you think this is happening to you?”

The number one question I was asked when I was first diagnosed with my bone marrow disease in 2013.

The reality of it all is that I had no idea why this was happening to me. I remember on my 18th birthday when I was living for the world and not even thinking about tomorrow, let alone advancing God’s Kingdom; I had a series of horrible events happen to me. I knew that the devil had a hold on me and was in full on steal, kill, and destroy mode. I was a house divided, but God was relentless in His pursuit to win me back to Him. My life events in my 18th year were a direct result of the choices I was making to sin against God, but there I was 21 years old, completely sold out for the Kingdom of God, and my body was waging war against itself.

Personally, I never really sat down and asked the question of why because it wasn’t something in which I ever needed an answer. My non-believing friends who saw me as a good person, couldn’t wrap their minds around an all-loving, all-powerful God that would allow one of His daughters to endure rounds of chemo and transfusions without stepping in to save me. It does beg the question of why bad things happen to good people, but to be honest, I don’t have answers to the why’s. I know that He is God and I am not. I know that He is all-loving and all-powerful. I know that His plans for me are good. Unfortunately, I also know that there is a very real devil and evil in this world. I know that evil spirits have just as much free will as you and I except they have no moral compass guiding their path. In the midst of spiritual warfare, we become collateral damage. In 2013, I became collateral damage.

It was a deliberate and daily choice not to play the victim. I had a disease that left me feeling depleted and defeated every second of every day, but I never stopped fighting. I became obsessed with the philosophical truth of Hippocrates that food was our medicine. My mom, bless her heart, would spend hours researching foods that could serve as a catalyst in my healing process.

Papaya extract to help increase my platelet count. Green smoothies rich with cruciferous vegetables to protect against free radical cells. Vitamins, minerals, herbs and enzymes to fight off toxins.

Throughout this entire process I came to realize that even though some things pertaining to our health are out of our control, far too many people are ignoring the simple truth that {in some cases} a healthy, intentional diet has the power to prevent, reverse and heal diseases. Ahead, I’m sharing my typical meal plan and how I incorporate superfoods into my diet every single day.


Shakeology. No, this is not a shameless plug, it’s just the honest truth. I enjoy my quiet time in the morning, getting in a 30-60 minute workout and working on some things for my fitness ministry. I don’t have time to prepare a full breakfast that is both delicious and nutrient rich, so I opt to blend 70 superfoods (chlorella, macaroot, and quinoa just to name a few) in vegan chocolate form and be on my way!


Healthy fat + fruit or vegetable. For my mid-morning, I love almond butter with an apple, and in the afternoon, I enjoy hummus with carrots. Both snacks are healthy sources of fat and protein to carry me over between meals.


High protein salad. I start with a base of kale and romaine lettuce, then add in seeds, boiled eggs, chicken and other goodies, so it’s a salad with substance. The leafy greens are useful in reducing the risk of cancer and heart disease and adding in multiple protein sources keeps me from reaching for an unhealthy snack an hour after lunch.


Protein + Carb + Veggie. This is my go-to formula for healthy dinners at home. Some carb staples in my house are homemade sweet potato fries or brown rice. For vegetables, I love oven roasted broccoli – an excellent source of protein, fiber, and magnesium – or brussel sprouts – rich in vitamin C and vitamin K. For protein, you really can never go wrong with crockpot entrées like barbecue chicken or turkey meatballs.

Hopefully, this shows that eating a healthy diet that nourishes your body doesn’t have to be all kale chips and rice cakes. God created this beautiful earth for us to eat from! While it does require intentionality and dedication, there are small changes you can make now to start incorporating foods that have the power to heal!